Book Tour | Day Six | Naomi 💜

Book on Tour: Reasonable Lies by T. A. Rosewood

Today is my spot on tour 2 for Reasonable Lies by the lovely @tarosewood

It was so nice to re-read this book as it is one of my favourite ever read’s however I feel that no matter what I write for my review it won’t do it the justice it deserves.

In Reasonable Lies we meet Jane who is trying to come to terms with her cancer diagnosis after taking part in a charity fundraiser. As time goes on Jane tells many lies but for a good reason, she is trying to protect her family and friends.

This book is so well written and such an emotional read so I would suggest having plenty of tissues to hand.

I enjoy this author’s writing and how they make you really connect with the characters.

I would love to see this book turned into a movie and be used to help raise awareness about breast cancer.