Book Tour | Day Five | Alicia 💜

Book on Tour: Reasonable Lies by T. A. Rosewood

Today is my spot on the Reasonable Lies tour part 2!


I purchased this ebook a few months ago, this was my first time reading it and it did not disappoint!

Wow! What a read!

I sat feeling broken for a few minutes after reading this book.

It’s definitely an eye-opener for those who are lucky enough not to have to experience it.

I cried so much, especially near the end, but there are also happy memories shared and new happy moments towards the end – you definitely need a box of tissues!

This book relates to what thousands of people and families go through each day with illness, loss, grief, and love, and how to carry on.

Beautifully written, I could feel for each character, what they was going through, all the questions, the loss of hope, the dread of telling people, dread of when it actually happens and everything that still has to be planned for and daily life still has to carry on with added pressure/worry.

I feel so connected with this book and is definitely one of my favourite emotional reads. 💕