Goodreads…Are you on there?

Do you love to keep track of your reading, if so, you need to join it.

It’s a great way to find new books, keep a track of what books you have read, want to read and also connect with millions of other readers across the world. You can also follow and connect with me on there.

Also, a fantastic award is up for grabs so I wanted to share it with you and ask a favour?

You can vote for my book in the ‘Debut Novel’ category for 2020 and it would be so awesome to get through to the next round.

Please click the button below to see the info.

You need to select the right category, scroll to the bottom and use the ‘Write your vote’ option. Type in that box, Reasonable Lies, and then when it shows you my book, click Vote. Voila!

A massive thanks in advance if you vote and I’ll see you on Goodreads!