Back in March, I launched Reasonable Lies with the intent of holding a paperback copy in my hands and saying to myself  ‘I did that’!

So now we are in October already and what a year it’s been so far!

We won’t mention the obvious about 2020 but I’ve been so touched by the amount of positive reviews I’ve had regarding the book and some of them have really warmed my heart!

Reviews are crucial especially for new authors who have self published (putting on many heads every day to get the book out there) so if you’ve had a read of Reasonable Lies and haven’t yet reviewed it on Amazon or Goodreads, please, please do.

I would absolutely love to reach my next milestone of 100 reviews on Amazon especially. I’m currently half way there!

I absolutely loved this book, Jane the main character tells reasonable lies to her loved ones, have tissues at the ready this is in my top 3 books of the year.

Anna, Book Lover

Grab the Tissues!
Totally out of my usual genre comfort zone but something about this book compelled me to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. This is the heartbreaking story of a woman battling breast cancer, and I cried more than I ever have at a book before whilst reading this. Highly recommended but you’ll definitely need tissues!

Allie, Book Lover