Here we go with the 1st of July and Charley’s review and pic.


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⚠️ Emotive content depicting references to, and an exploration of, the impact cancer has upon the patient, family and wider friends ⚠️

Emotive and Impactful. Rosewood delicately approaches the subject of loss and the trials and tribulations of having a debilitating illness that has the potential to take your life.

The protagonist, Jane, was relentlessly equal parts likeable and relatable, which expertly raised the connection amid reader and character, making Jane’s plight to survive increasingly fraught with emotion.

Written in the first person, Jane details her immediate reactions and processes of dealing with news no one wishes to hear. We learn of her reasonings, beliefs and hopes. The existential twist was beautiful and really added greater depth to an already excellent plot.

Bravo Traci, a book to be proud of, for sure.

AD • PR Product: I was lucky enough to be gifted this book, by the author, upon joining the book tour in June.