It’s Day 33 and today we have Saloni’s review.


QOTD: Is it a good idea to lie?

AOTD: From my point of view it is okay to lie to protect your loved ones. If a lie can save their life from being mentally and emotionally shattered and could give them some hope and courage, then it’s okay to lie.

Finally, it’s my turn for the Book tour and review for this amazing book. Thank you Traci for having me as your Rosettes.

Jane Walden, a woman with a great career, beautiful twins, an adoring husband, a wonderful house, and a dependable best friend.

Reasonable Lies is a beautiful, sad, and touching story of Jane, who has been diagnosed with cancer and she does everything she can to avoid breaking this news to her loved ones, which even includes lying to them.

After finishing this book I was literally sobbing. This book is about love, family, loss, emotions.

The story is written so beautifully with love, care and empathy.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who understands the love for family and that sometimes it’s hard to tell them things that can turn their world upside-down.”