Today we have Danielle’s review for the tour.

“As this was @tarosewood debut novel, I never want to expect much as writing a book I can imagine being pretty daunting.

But wow what a roller coaster of emotions, where do I even start?! 🙊

I adored the characterization of Jane, and the writing style really made you connect with her! ⭐

The story follows Jane through her diagnosis of Breast Cancer after a charity fundraiser at her work.

We join her as she hides this from her most loved ones, hoping to protect them, but managing on her own was heart-wrenching! 💛

I must say I’ve never cried at a book, and when I say I cried, I SOBBED😭

@tarosewood wrote about the Big C so delicately, but also well informed.

Make sure to check your boobs gals and guys, and get the tissues ready for this incredible read! 🎀”

5 days ⏳