Here’s our Day 48 Rosette, Ema’s Review.


By T.A. Rosewood


Firstly, I’d like to say that this book is important.

Please, please, PLEASE get yourself checked.

Whether it’s your breast, testicles, thyroid, skin, prostate, or ovaries/womb. If something doesn’t feel right, go to the Dr.

Secondly, I personally struggled with this book. It has nothing to do with its content.

I found it difficult to agree or understand Jane’s ideals of why she keeps the secret of her diagnosis from her friends and family; so she lies.

The reason I found it extremely difficult is because my dad’s girlfriend has had breast cancer and hid it from her children. Had a mastectomy and a reconstruction without telling them and has only told them she has cancer because she is terminal.

Saying that I did enjoy Jane and James’s relationship. The friendship that develops through pain is a beautiful one. Similar to a friendship I made with a mother of a friend of mine when she was diagnosed.

I feel that if I didn’t have such a bad personal experience with lying around cancer, I would have rated this book 5*.

So please read it and experience the honesty and pain that Rosewood has written.