Robin is our Rosette for tour day 60.

“Hello booksta. Today is my stop on @tarosewood‘s insta book tour for her gorgeous book, Reasonable Lies and I’m beyond excited to have been a part of this and get to read such a powerful, moving novel.

Before we kick-off, if you haven’t already seen this book floating around insta and don’t know what it’s about, here is the blurb:

*Jane Walden has it all. A thriving career, beautiful twins, crazy but dependable best friend, an adoring husband, and a wonderful home. But one chance encounter now threatens to tear her world apart.

From that moment on, Jane’s sole focus is to try and protect the happiness of those closest to her from finding out the heart-breaking truth that she now carries alone, leading her into a web of ‘Reasonable Lies’*

Now for the review…

When I say this book made me ugly cry, you have no idea how truly heart-wrenching it was.

I had to read it in 4 sittings as I would just end up crying so much I couldn’t see the words.

While I can’t say I could sympathize with Jane in her decision to lie (no matter how reasonable they may have seemed) I could feel for her and the wanting to not burden and ruin her family’s happiness with her news.

The journey Jane and her family and friends take from the first discovery right up until the last page is fraught with emotion and a tear-jerking narrative that is just beautiful.

Would definitely recommend anyone to read it and for everyone to educate themselves on cancer in all its forms (breast, ovarian, testicular, etc) and be vigilant in knowing your own bodies well enough to spot even the slightest change.

Thank you so much, once more, to Traci for letting me be a part of her wonderfully successful book tour.

Visit @tarosewood‘s page for links on where to get your own copy of Reasonable Lies”