“If you haven’t read this book, why not?

T.A Rosewood’s first in the series Reasonable Lies was amazing followed by a lovely Jane’s Journal, to add more to an already wonderful story, and now this…WOW!!

The third book in this collection follows Sarah, Jane’s best friend, and how she has secrets and lies of her own.

I loved the character of Sarah in the first book but this made me love her more.

I felt so much for her and all she went through and I was happy at how her life finally fell into place at the start.

The story flowed well but had that wonderful T.A. Rosewood charm of stopping you in your tracks and having a good cry! 😢

The best thing about your books is that there isn’t really a ‘Traditional’ ending, and I love that about them.

A perfect read for me…”

By Claire.