“Thank you to T.A. Rosewood for my signed, gifted book tour copy!

Traci is the queen of writing with emotion!

In the Reasonable Lies series so far we have been on a heart-wrenching journey with Jane and in the third book Secrets & Lies, we hear from the perspective of her lifelong best friend Sarah.

Sarah as a character is beautifully flawed.

In Reasonable Lies she is portrayed as fun, outgoing and bubbly by Jane, so to see a different side of Sarah was humbling.

Praise must go to Traci for creating holistic and engaging characters within the series! Secrets & Lies is filled with more twists and turns in Sarah’s life and I had moments of audible gasping or pained tears.

It is difficult to give hints about the plotline without giving spoilers for the series, but please do check the content warnings below.

If you’ve enjoyed emotional books such as Half A World Away by Mike Gayle or Because of You by Dawn French, I think you would enjoy this too 📚

Content warnings; cancer, death, blood, miscarriage, child loss, grief.”

By Sophie.