“So I know I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t enjoy Sarah’s story as much as Jane’s because I just didn’t really warm to Sarah.

The book started with a lot of grief so I found it slightly harder to get into initially, but this only lasted for around 20 pages before I begun to enjoy the book.

Traci writes very emotional reads and that’s something to be aware of going into them; they’re great for the times when you want to feel a bit heartbroken.

I’m not a fan of the instalove trope and this was definitely that. I was rooting for an entirely different relationship… (no spoilers.)

I did however love all the beauty treatment references 😂

This was a really great premise for a book, as was Reasonable Lies, but whilst I rated Reasonable Lies 5⭐, this one had something missing for me.

But I would definitely, definitely recommend picking up this series as Jane’s story was so great, and everyone likes different books so you may prefer Sarah’s story!

I hope there’s going to be a diary accompaniment to this one, as there was with Reasonable Lies, as Sarah has a lot of explaining to do…”

By Kim.