This is such a beautiful and emotional follow-up from Reasonable Lies, the prequel to this stunning novel about the big c-word, how it affects not just the victim, but everyone around that person, and how, as a family and friend unit, it is so important to support and show extra love through these hard times.

In Reasonable Lies, we heard the story of Jane and how she dealt with the devastating news of her illness; in Secrets and Lies, we hear the story of Sarah, Jane’s best friend, who is dealing with her own big secret, whilst also being as selfless as she can be in dealing with Jane’s death and supporting Jane’s family unit-a true friend, the kind we all need in life.

Just as beautiful and heartbreaking, this is the story we all needed after finishing reasonable lies.

I cried (a lot-like every chapter), I smiled, my heart broke over and over, and I felt emotions I didn’t even know I could feel.

I commend Traci for her ability to write so fluently about such a difficult, life-affecting disease, especially knowing what she’s been through recently-the dedication to her stepmother at the start of the book makes it all the more personal and the emotions even rawer.

Both books in the series are available to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you Traci for having me on this tour!”

By Heidi.