This weekend, while having a bit of a sunbathing session, I wrote another children’s book in my garden.

This time, we meet Dino and his lost Roar!

‘When Dino loses his ROAR, he doesn’t know what to do.
His friends try to help by taking him to see the wise old Stegosaurus, Sir Tom! He tells him that he needs to be brave and wait for something special for his Roar to return.
So when the baby Dinosaur, Poppy gets lost and cannot find her mum, will Dino’s Roar come back in time?
Join Dino in Dinoland with his Dinosaur friends to find out!’

Available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback and on Kindle Unlimited.

New Dinosaur Book for kids

5 out of 5 stars – Wonderful children’s story

Absolutely loved this story about Dino losing his roar.
Read this to my great granddaughter as she absolutely loves her book.
She kept asking me to read it again to her.
The story is all about a lovely dinosaur called Dino who is really upset as he doesn’t know what’s happened to the roar he knows all dinosaurs can do.
He needs help & seeks it from a very wise old stegosaurus with the help of his friends.
Poppy a baby dinosaur gets lost & needs the help of Dino.
Can he get his roar back when Poppy needs his help the most?
My great granddaughter is two years & a bit & she loved it.
Really entertaining story for little ones.



I read this with my daughter (age 5) who loves dinos! She really enjoyed it and commented on how much she loves the dinosaur’s adventure. I liked how she engaged with it but also how there’s a positive underlying message in the plot. A great bedtime story to share together!


Older grandson read it himself and said it was a good story and he thinks his wee brother will enjoy it – we’ll read again at breakfast tomorrow xx