Are you a Halloween fan? I’m not a great lover of it, but my daughter absolutely adores it and always has since she was very little. She’s 19 now and still dresses up each year and attends parties!

If you have a little one who loves it too, why not treat them to my first children’s book which was published last year? I visited various nurseries and playgroups to read it and it has been a great hit.

I’m Not Scared with Billy Brave was a story which I wrote about ten-twelve years ago for my son and our elderly cat. I dug it out last year, had a read and thought, hey why not get this out there as a bit of fun? So I did!

I got busy…designed a spooky, but fun-looking cover, created all the images inside and then published it on Amazon. Since then, Barnes and Noble have picked it up and my local bookstore also stocks it.

My son loves it and is very proud to be featured [even if he is now 22!].

billy brave book halloween

With cute characters who aren’t too scary, this lovely picture book comes packed with fun and laughter.

Join Billy on his search to ‘not be scared’ when there are strange noises coming from under his bed.