Since I launched my very first novel back in March 2020, it has been a dream come true to go on to write more!

As you may have read in my bio, I have loved writing from a very young age so to have actual physical, published books out there for people to buy and read has been an amazing feeling for the past three years.

Reasonable Lies remains my best seller [the content is so relatable I think], and I’m super proud of it and the message it sends out regarding breast cancer and helping people become more aware of their own bodies to get checked.

The 2nd and 3rd novels are part of the series, the trilogy of Lies books although they can be read on their own.

My newest book, Last Choice, is a whole load of new characters and it was so much fun to write, and…is my biggest one to date at just over 100K words and over 400 pages long – a whopper!

Which ones have you read orΒ have on your TBR pile?