Book Tour Wrap Up 💛

‘Kitty & Fred’ Warms Hearts on Instagram Tour

I’m walking on air after the phenomenal Instagram Quiet Whispers Book Tour over the past ten days celebrating my new release. Connecting with readers and following along as they fell in love with Kitty and Fred’s unexpected romance blossomed against the odds has been magical.

The outpouring of emotional support across this tour moved me. Reviewers raved over the story, many not wanting the tale of nurturing Kitty and reckless Fred to end as she slowly lets down her guard. Comments flooded in praising the “heartwarming yet gripping” tale that tugged at heartstrings as Fred’s persistence chips through Kitty’s quiet reserve while caring for her Nanna.

One Instagrammer summed up prevailing sentiment by calling ‘Kitty & Fred’ “a romance that nestles its way into your soul – I laughed, I cried, I rooted for them through the madness and mishaps.”

While the story explores heavy topics like dementia, loss and learning to trust again, readers agreed it still overflowed with hope.

As a writer, there is no better feeling than getting to interact with readers who become as invested in fictional characters and their happiness as you are. The depth of emotional connection readers formed with Kitty and Fred assures me I’ve crafted the uplifting, poignant love story I intended.

To every book friend who joined this journey – thank you for welcoming my heartfelt story into your hearts.

Here’s to many more adventures together!