Book Tour | Day 10 | Paige 💜


Thank you Traci for allowing me to be on this tour and end the tour too!

📚Cute, single and fun guy Fred isn’t Kitty’s type at all, but can anyone say someone isn’t their type when they’re standing in front of them naked?

Can things go well between the two of them or will they go the opposite direction and shatter them both?

💭I always really enjoy romance reads by Traci, she has a certain way of making it easy and fun loving and that’s definitely what this book is!

From the start, you’re introduced to great characters who you wouldn’t necessarily see together usually, but they all make a great group of people.

The story focuses a lot on relationships, not even just the generic relationship between lovers, it focuses on friendship, grandparent relationships, siblings and I enjoyed seeing everyone develop!

I think Kitty was a great Main Character, she was loveable, focused and cared a lot about her nana which was so heartwarming to read, I definitely think they were my favourite duo.

Overall, the book is a great, easy read, flows really well and I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading it! I would definitely recommend it.