Day 3 with Alice’s Review and Pic.

“I have been so lucky to join this book tour with @tarosewood

Trigger Warnings – Cancer, Grief, Death, Suicide.

Wow… I full-on sobbed while reading this book. To the point, I had to have a break because the words were all blurry.
As a subject that is so close to my heart and my family, I felt it was so beautifully written and compassionate. As someone who has experienced loss because of this monster of an illness, I felt it allowed me to have a slight insight into what the people I have lost felt during the last few months, weeks, and even days.

I loved Jane and her strength just poured out throughout the book. Although I disagreed with her decision to keep up with these reasonable lies to some extent I understand why she did it. The power she had to go through what she did alone was just empowering. I did find it hard to come to terms with how quickly everyone seems to get over the news but everyone handles things differently.

THAT PLOT TWIST!!!! I did NOT see that coming but I LOVED it! What an absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking twist.

I really enjoyed that the story continued to tell you more about Sarah and Janice. I liked the last chapter written from Cassie’s point of view, seeing where here and Robbie are in their lives.

This book has made me realize how important it is as a woman to check myself, I personally feel that mamograms should take place at a much younger age, as in this story if it wasn’t for an awareness day Jane would have never found out until the very end, leaving her no time to make the happy memories she did.

For anyone planning to read this book, and I highly recommend that you do as soon as possible, buy tissues with it!! Lots of them!!”

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