Day 7 with Cheryl’s Review and Pic.

“Today is my stop on the #reasonablelies book tour, I read this book last November and I loved it. At the time I posted my review I’m not sure I quite did it justice so here’s my updated review without spoilers.

The book follows Jane on a journey that she never expected to be on. After a fundraiser at work she finds out something and it completely takes her by surprise. Needless to say, not a good surprise. As the book progresses you see Jane coping with appointments and treatments alone, telling her family and close friends lies to protect them as she doesn’t want to upset them. She finds herself making friends with a stranger called James who always seems to be on hand to help her through her toughest moments.

As obviously it’s been a while since I read this book you’d think I would’ve forgotten bits but I really haven’t.

It’s one of those books that stick out in your mind for a long time.

I literally cried my eyes out at parts, it was such an honest and realistic book that tackles a heavy subject in a sensitive way. It really pulls on the heartstrings so be prepared to have the tissues at the ready.

I’m so pleased to be on this book tour, it was definitely one of my top reads last year and a very memorable one.

Check it out and check out the other bookstagrammers posts on the tour too!”

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