Before my review, I just want to say a massive congratulations to Traci on publishing another amazing book and another brilliant tour!

A privilege I got the last slot on such a special day too!!

Also Happy Birthday to Traci’s Mum who had a lot of influence on these books.

Traci, What can I say…

Let’s start with all your books should come with a packet of tissues attached 😂

But my gosh lady, you’ve done it again! You sucked me in from page one.

Kates’s story fits in so perfectly with all of your other books and keeps them all together beautifully.

I always worry with follow-ons that they won’t match up but with these, you got it spot on!

Telling Lies just ties everything together in a perfectly beautiful bundle of emotions!

Although this book can be read as a standalone, I personally recommend reading them as a series.

But take this as a warning… You will NEED tissues!!

I LOVE everything about all of these books! They will all stay with me forever ❤️