So Here We Are…Secrets & Lies is Live.

Today is 19th January 2022 and I am delighted to announce that my new novel, Secrets & Lies is out!!

It will be a day of mixed emotions. One for being super happy my next book is out and two, as it would have been my step mum’s birthday. The latter reason is why I chose today.

She was so excited and supportive of my writing, that it seemed the perfect day to release Secrets & Lies. It is an honour for me to dedicate to her on her birthday. I hope she’s looking down on me today and being proud as she always was.

Val was sadly taken from us in October 21′ suddenly by Pancreatic Cancer within four weeks of being told she had six months to live. It was just horrible how quickly it took hold of her and so heartbreaking.

I never got to say goodbye which hurts like crazy but my dad and aunt were by her side as she peacefully left.

I’m so proud of him for coping the way he is.

Good on you dad, keep strong. xx

secrets & lies, dedicated to my step mum, val

Val was my stepmother for 30 years and always did whatever she could to help me when I needed her.

She was also the reason I am with my husband, telling me to ‘give nice a try’ for a change all those years ago. Another reason for me being so grateful to have had her in my life.

Mother, stepmother, grandmother, aunt, life partner, and true friend – we miss you dearly.


Secrets & Lies is Live.